Spin time of 888x

I’m looking into buying an 888x and wondered whats the spin time is with a ceramic konkave bearing.

you could probably get upwards of 5 minutes, it all depends on your throw and if you are trying to get a spintime, or if you are doing tricks.

it all depends on throw. At school for a project we compared average for the grind machine, genesis and 888x, My friend (wit a slightly crooked throw) got like 1:45 and then I got like 4-5 minutes. I don’t have a ceramic konkave though.

I get over 8 min with a terrapin s/c. I get over 3 when I just drop it. Killer bearing

Don’t worry about it. 888x will not let you down, and if it does let you down you’re doing something wrong. Also don’t bother purchasing a ceramic konkave bearing unless its coming with the 888x, its a completely useless addition it will not any any play to the yoyo and it will not add any spin to the yoyo. Its price is beyond ridiculous for the little it offers. Just play it with the bearing it comes with which should be a YYF spec bearing.

You can get up to 10 minutes on this thing but you do not need anything over 3-4. After that it becomes a wasted measurement. The variables which effect your spin time are the amount of time your string spends touching the sides and how parallel your arms are. You may want to invest a lot of your time in getting a straight throw so the string remains centered instead of buying a bearing that will do it for you because in the end you will be practicing with a crooked throw and it will do nothing but hinder you.


Like anything else the better your equipment the better you can be.
I can tell from the reply above he has never had a really good bearing.

Average spin time is difficult to approximate since it depends on who is throwing it, how hard, how straight, and of what expertise.
All advanced yo-yos such as the one mentioned will spin more then long enough to complete any string trick you would like to do. It is definitely an excellent choice in that respect.