Which of these yoyos is best.

Which of one of these yoyos is the best looper. Speed Beetle,Bumblebee,Pulse.

Depends on your liking. Speedles are easy to learn on if you have enough pads to replace them with. bumble Bee is great and the pads will last longer. Pulse is ok but…

If you really want a good set of loopers I would suggest finding some sunsets by YYJ or loop 900’s by YYF.

Ok thanks. :smiley:

I find the beetle to outperform the pulse… as the pulse seems to have a wider gap to it, not much but enough to make a difference.

Modes raiders work the best in my experience but speedles would be a close 2nd. The loop 900s are too expensive for what they are considering you’ve got to buy a pair. If you could get your hands on a pair of cheap 720s get them I like them better. Pro-yos are really lite if you are looking for a lighter looper than the bumble bee.

Prettu much what Icthus said. I recomend like Loop 720’s or Sunset Trajectory. Or Raider. I say Loop 720.