Loopers, on a Budget

I am looking so start looping. But I am on a budget of no more than 25 dollars for both yoyos. I was thinking of Firedogs, Speedles with looping stickers, and Pulses with looping stickers. So, what is your opinion of what I should get?

I know it is above your budget but Sunset Trajectories are a great looping yoyo for beginners to advanced. I have tried many other loopers and they are the best for starting.

I was thinking of getting some pulses myself but then I took into consideration that

1)You have to keep buying friction stickers

2)The stickers wear down so the level of responsiveness isn’t consistent

and decided not to get these.

I’m pretty sure you can get 2 Sunsets or 720s for under 25. EDIT: sorry, I forgot to mention you can get them used under 25.

the sunset TJ’s are 15.30 each, there great loopers I have 2 myself since i decided to get into 2a after the YYF Loop 900’s got sold out, but they rock right out the box, i love em’. there the best loopers at a reasonably low price, and I’m thankfull they don’t charge more cause if they did, I’d still get em’.

do it bra, you’ll be glad you did :wink:


A pair of Sunsets from the B/S/T would be a great choice. How about this, there is a pair in the B/S/T right now. Sunsets are great to start with, and they are great even as you get better.

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