Looping yoyos?

Im trying to start looping and have bought a pair of firedogs… I hate them… Almost no sleep time and now they seem really loose. Like the two halves twist but dont come apart, and the one I use the most twists much more easily than the other and the loops dont seem as consistant. Im not upset… I mean a 10 dollar pair of yoyos… No biggy… Im thinking about upgrading because I can loop fairly well with my right hand and half decently with my left, so I think I might make progress quicker with a better set of yoyos… I was thinking Loop 720s or maybe finding a pair of raiders or Loop 900s even… I’d like some heavier yoyos that were a little fatter as well…

Any Ideas?

Sunset Trajectory if you can’t get 900s.

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I had a pair of Sunsets and didnt like them… I dont know if it was because I didnt really take looping seriously then or if because I truely didnt like them…

You could try some Raider Ex’s. They are pretty much Raiders without the need to mod them. :slight_smile:

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