Which Magic Yoyo


I want to get a cheap metal beater yoyo for Christmas that I can bring around. I am looking at the T5 N5 and possibly the N10. I like full sized yoyos and medium playing speed.


T5 for sure. Plays past the price point by far, grinds decently too. Also plays at any speed you want it too. It has a very comfortable shape. You can’t go wrong with it.


Consider the T5 for more of a full sized play experience, and the T6 for undersized.

The T5 is really good. V-type shape, and when you stop and consider what you paid, you’ll just be amazed at how it performs, which depending on what you pay, could be anywhere from 4-8 times the price in regards to performance.


For full-sized: Old T5, New T5, N9; they are equally good.
For undersized: N8 is the best, then T10; don’t bother with the T6, tilts way too easily for its weight. If you don’t mind slightly wide yoyos, the N5 is actually the best undersized diameter magicyoyo.

(Jace) #5

I got a t5 from spingear and it’s amazing. I would definitely recommend it