Magic yoyos?

Now I do understand that yoyoexpert doesn’t sell Magic yoyos, so I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but I would like to know how they compare to something like the metal drifter, which is in the same general price bracket. For instance, is the material quality similar. How is the playability? The one I am looking at is the n5, but i am concern about the general brand.

I believe they are cheep take offs, but they play amazingly well. Their twenty dollar yoyos play almost as good as some 45$ yoyos. I personally recommend the N12, just don’t get the slashed version.

Yep they get hate but play great for the price non the less :slight_smile:

Magic yoyos play great for their price. I use them for beaters. The N5 is fine if you’re looking for a wide yoyo, but I’d suggest an M001, M002 or an N12 if you want to sample their best yoyos. They will definitely outperform a Metal Drifter in my opinion.

N5, N9, N12 if you’re looking for the good ones. They play awesome for the price.