Which of these yoyo is the worst of the three?
Genesis Kojo Boison
Punchline repeater
ILYY Noctu

None of them are “Worse” but some people like different throws better then others.
Btw, the Kojo Genesis is just a Special Edition in honor of Kojo Boison. It plays exactly the same as the Regular Genesis. :smiley:

ok you might be a newcommer so i might as well not spazz.
there is no better or worse yoyo and it’s the yoyo you prefer that each player likes best. even for like protostar vs dv888 etc;. And the yoyo’s you’ve listed are much too close to each other in similarites so just choose the one you hate or love and go with it.

btw, those are all high end metals and they really are similar, considering that i did not say they are totally similar

So people haven’t been able to completely agree what the best and worst yoyos are. The reason is because everyone is so different! I mean I love my sasquatch over my 888x anyday but I met someone the other day who hates the sasquatch and loves the 888x. See what I mean? To get the best information available about these yoyos and how theyll fit in with your style, i’d re-phrase the question. Start by listing the features you find most desirable in a yoyo. Then ask the forum members which yoyo in their opinion would fit best with your prefrence.

For example you could say, “I enjoy full sized yoyos that have strong stability, great speed and lots of rimweight. Out of the yoyos I listed, which in your opinion would compliment my style best?”

Specifics are the way to go when deciding if a yoyo is right for you. You will be more successful in finding the yoyo that compliments you rather than the one some people think is the ‘best’.

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that’s right blackhops