Which is the hardest?

I’m curious about your opinions. Which trick do you think is the hardest, Brent Stole, Ninja Vanish, or Hidemasa Hook?

I honestly think it is ninja vanish. When I learned Hidememassa hook I accidentaly learnedbrent stole. Which checks those two off my list very easily. But Ninja Vanish took me quite a bit longer to learn because I had to work hard to figure out the motion of the hand turning over.

…None, I find them all to be a very easy difficulty.

well ninja vanish was the easiest for me to learn, hook was pretty easy as well. but brent stole took me awhile

For me it’s brent stole… got ninja vanish down in about 5 minutes, Hidemasa Hook took me about 3 days to get the motion down but brent stole took me over 2 weeks before i could land it cleanly everytime

brent stole. ninja vanish and hook I can do every time, but brent stole I still mess up every so often.

Brent stole was the hardest for me!

Hidemasa hook, no problem.

Ninja Vanish, easy.


all were really easy for me…

Hidamassa was easy peasy, while Brent stole took me quite some time to learn. Ninja vanish I just learned by accident.

I know that this is unrelated, but I think follow is the hardest trick ever…

Follow was easy for me…

Gravity pull is uber hard! ;D

I can never do it with an unresponsive yo-yo!

Ladder escape is the hardest

False. Ladder escape is easy. go try a 4.0 hook in the meanwhile.

Same for me.

Brent stole was simple for me but ive easily learned all of yoyo experts videos except one and most of high speed yoyos videos and all the other websites and now I’m moving on to user videos on youtube trying to slow them down and get them. The one trick I’ve been working on for 3 years but can’t seam to figure out and is my achilles heel is sea sick and the sideways version. To me and maybe not everyone else, andre makes no effort or sense in explaining this trick in detail of what he’s doing on this trick. Just pop it up and land on the bottom string. I’ve broken yoyos listening to andre and yoyo plays videos on this trick. sea sick is my hardest and probably unreachable trick.

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I re-searched the forum after over a year and brandon1 said to try a boingy boing on it side. So I did a boingy boing , put my throw hand closest to me and layed it flat without , shot the yoyo up and did the hand following the hand motion and did it that way. Since I know how to do most of my front tricks backwards it makes sense to unmount out of the one and a half mount backwards. Then I just did it from the opposite side with my throw hand the farthest away from me. I FREAKING DID IT!!! 3 years done. Boo yah!

this made me smile

Brent stole was by far the hardest for me.