Which is better??


What yoyo should I buy?

I’m looking to spend 110 or so bucks on a yyf yoyo, some things I have considered are

Old superstar (have the new one)
Or monster (seems fun- superwide retired)

What should i buy??


Probably the one thats not posted in the general forum.
Edit: Just to be not completely off topic, I would buy two of the $45 or buy a shu-ta and something else. The shutter is probably my favorite yyf yoyo, and it only costs $45. Most of the $100+ YYF’s are good, but the $45’s are just as good. Most of the $100+ ones are also (usually) old models. The newer ones are cheaper, and in some cases, better.

(major_seventh) #3

None of those really appeal to me.




The cyborg is a great choice and is the best choice of all the ones you just listed.


I’d probly pick between the aviator and the cyborg

Yoyofactory is coming out with the Space Cowboy soon along with pulsar wave 2 so you may want to wait.

(Yiyang Wang) #7

This is a no brainer for me. I would go with the Aviator. I think it is the best yoyofactory ever IMO. It is incredibly stable, long spining and fast. This yoyo is packed with solidness and power.