Which is better

Hey what do you think is better for off string: Duncan hyabusa, zeekio bird or shinwoo griffin?

I have a duncan hayabusa sl and use it as my main offstring throw, i have not tried the other offstring yoyos but, i would pick up the hayabusa

I have the Hayabusa in clear, that I modified with the Shinwoo LED kits. But, keep in mind that’s why I bought the Hayabusa, because I do have a dark off-string application. Unless I can get clear caps for a white Fiesta II or I get a beater white Fiesta II off BST, this is perfect.

I also have the Shinwoo Griffin wing.

Better? Depends on your preferences. I like the shape of the Griffin Wing better, but if it drops, the caps will pop. The Hayabusa is sort of too wide for the width so it looks kinda fat/squashy to me. Both use A-sized bearings. The Griffin Wing seems to have a better catch zone for me.

Durability? I think the Hayabusa feels too rigid, but it should hold up as it’s made of thick plastic. The Griffin Wing uses rubber rims and feels flimsy but should take plenty of abuse. The Hayabusa feels to me it will last longer.

Response? They are different. The Hayabusa gives more options.

My choice? Fiesta XX. If you’re looking to spend Hayabusa dollars, save a tiny bit more and step up to the Fiesta XX.

Took the words right out of my mouth.