hayabusa vs griffin wing

which do u perefer if i get the griffin wing im going to put slim cbc pads in the response recess because the fit together

any one?

This is a hard one for me. These are my 2 fav 4A throws and both play like a dream IMO. I would have to say the Hayabusa is great for tight spots because of its size but the Griff can take a licking and keep on ticking. Either one is well worth the buy.

which is best for tech because i have a fiesta and its great for flashy 4a moves but its imo not the best for tech and i want one that is

Its all going to depend on how much room you have w/in your tech tricks. If you have little room, get the Hayabusa, I find it to fit in tight spaces better than the Wing, but both are still great throws and I know the Wing can take anything you throw at it.

stick with the fiesta or get an equinox, i have a hayubusa and a fiesta, the fiesta is better but my freind has an equinox which is awsome as well! the hayubusa on the other hand is ok, but its not my favorite imo…

thanks and i just want new throw cuz i 80 dollers and im getting a off string and two loopers the unleashed come out today apparently so yeah i tried protos at ner and its good

any more opinions