New offstring yo-yo

I’ve got an aquarius and decided it just snags too much. I was looking at one of the hayabusas, a YYF OS, a bigyo 2, or a shinwoo griffin wing. I’m just want to hear some of your opinions, as I don’t have much preferance in OS yet.

Thanks Contagon

Hayabusa For sure.

About the same catch zone as the Aquarius, but almost never snags.

I reccomend one large (silver) spacer on one side and one small (bronze) spacer on the other, no pads.

Busa’s are super sweet, but if you like bigger yoyos, go with the griffin wing or yyf offstring. The GW can snag, so I recommend popping out the little green response system and putting in pads, or silicone. I’m not sure what type of pad it takes though. The OS is just great in general.

i had an aquarius and had the same problem. i love my hayabusa. it is a great yoyo in my opinion.

The only problem about the griffin wing is I’ve heard it breaks easily. I forgot about the OS too.

Ok, couple more questions.
Should I get the Hayabusa Sl or normal?
Which one bounces better?
Which one rolls away easier?
Which one dings/scratches easier?

Thanks again Contagon

Any help?


WARNING WARNING everyone I know who has had a griffon wing has broken. also the offstring has a tendency to fall apart if dropped more than once and it has a weird design. Go for either the busa or the bigyo ive tried both and love them.

EDIT: Bigyo spins for a long time and bounces very well so does the busa if you do get a busa get SL cause i think it really helps…
EDIT #2: for ding protection the bigyo isnt bad but white rims on a busa get dirty go for yellow