Hayabusa? Or Aquarius?

Ok I know Ive posted alot of these but this ones legit… one of my friends is into the diablo and I was telling him about offstring and duncans hayabusa… He’s asked me to order him one when I restock my strings. Now looking at the aquarius it seems like a better choice but he wants a hayabusa… Should I talk him out of it or is the hayabusa right for someone who can already diablo? I know yye is cleaned out of Aquarius’ which means I would have to order it from another site… Something that I don’t want to do because I really only trust this site…

Other then YoYoNation, I don’t think anybody has any Aquarii. They have been discontinued.

Both yoyos are great though. If he wants the Hayabusa, let him get it. Either would be fine though.

Great! I hate yoyonation… he Will be happy with the hayabusa!

You still need to get that latin grammar thing straight Brian. One Aquarius, many Aquarii. “I have an Aquarius. Grant Johnson has many Aquarii”

Seeing that the Aquarius is really expensive, you should get him a Hayabusa, or an Offstring or Griffin Wing.

Don’t get the griffin wing. They break too easy. Go for the Busa!

Let him get what he wants, not what you want.

While I am bad with that stuff, I meant to type “any” instead of “an” so I actually did get it right. :smiley:

If you get what you think you want, even if you find out you don’t like it, it’s still your decision and you should be somewhat happy with it. You can always trade it if you don’t like it.

I don’t want him to find it too hard… Especialy since he’s my friend.

Find what too hard? The yoyo or the style? I changed my mind. I say get a Zanavi by Shinwoo. It will last longer than any of the yoyo’s mentioned and its still a decent yoyo for a beginner.

offstring in general he’s never tried it before.

Still, let him do what he wants. That has nothing to do against my argument.