offstring yoyos

which yoyo is the best for offstring

You should really know this by now, and if you don’t, pick it up. It’s preference. Personal preference. Everyone likes different yoyos, so you can’t really say that one of them is ‘the best’.

im jus seeing wat people think is good im jus asking i have the aquarius aready

The Hayubasa.

he is right you know I just got my hayabusa yesterday at BLC and I like it better than my friends aquarius

Well my son does Tech 4a and he used a peak but now since he’s sponsored he uses either a Bully or Wedgie from Big Brother.

The bigyo2 is cool.

Heheh…he means my Aquarius. Hehe. Probably the Aquarius.

The big ben is my favorite.

Ever tried a DM for offstring??

Yes. :smiley:

Shinwoo Griffin Wing FTW!

Oh I forgot about my 888! :smiley:

Offstring or Hayabusa.

Black Knight for Tech.

I like the Aquarius. Good $$$ too.