Which is better??

I was wondering which is the best out of the following yoyos

-Duncan Mosquito

-YYF One

-Duncan Bumble Bee

Thanks ;D


That’s not helpful. :smiley: I learned all my first tricks with a bumblebee. I loved it. As far as quality goes I would definetely recommend the ONE out of the three. It’s pretty high quality for a cheap beginner throw. At ten bucks you can’t beat it. Plus you have the option to get a full spec bearing too for when you get better and want to go unresponsive. It’s definetely with the ten bucks. Hope this helps!


It’s just a matter of preference.

I do have the YYF One and I really like it!

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While the Bee and Mosquito are time proven classics(I don’t have either), well, that’s their strengths: being around a long time.

I think the ONE is better, but it depends what you want to do. The Bee is a looper. The Mosquito is a super basic string trick yoyo. The ONE on the other hand(or maybe the same hand) can be upgraded by a simple bearing swap out to go from factory default responsive to unresponsive. They even sell it as a package with the second bearing in the box.

So, it’s not a fair compare. The Bumble Bee isn’t in the same general category as the ONE or the Mosquito unless you’re using “ball bearing” as the common ground. Also, the Bee uses cork pads(Duncan Brake Pads), which I don’t know if you were aware of that. Just something to keep in mind.

I have the ONE, I don’t currently have any interest in the other two models. I like the ONE, I have plenty of 1A-type yoyos as well(don’t we all?) and I have a pair of Unleashed for loopers. If you want to be on the lower end of the cost spectrum and want to cover looping and string tricks, get the ONE and a Shinwoo LOOP. Otherwise, if we just keep it to the models you brought up, get the ONE and some strings and you’re good to go.

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While agreeing with studio42, I have to say modded mosquitoes can play very well.

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Thanks ;D i think i’ll try the ONE

If u want an unresponsive player go for the YYF whip.

yea i was just checking that one out but i already ordered the ONE so ill see how it goes

I started learning the tricks on this site with the mosquito and it does quite well, just know that if you want it to spin long you will need to clean the bearing to get rid of that thick lube. I will allways have a soft spot for that yoyo.

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yah, i’ve noticed Jayyo has a way of not helping.

i’d personally go with the YYF personally

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