which is 07 888?

which is 07 888?

A. http://www.yoyoz.co.uk/catalog/images/07888-yoyo.gif
B. http://www.yoyonation.com/skin1/images/thumbnails/t_16744.jpg


A is '07, B is '09

ya cuz 07 used the E83 logo lol and 09 has yyf on it and the 8 (upside down 8) 8

Ha doesn’t an 8 upsidedown look the same?

A is 2007, B is 2009. You can tell by the thing in the hubstacks, and gloss. But that’s just how I tell.

The first one, A.

Guys, he’s had the answer given to him, there isn’t much reason to repeat it.

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