888 Noobyish Question

I have some B-Grade 888’s here. I can not identify their year. They are the dark blue and they grey ones. Help please… :slight_smile:

Here’s the first pic… The first 888 is an 888x for comparison.

Second pic… The first and last ones are both 888x’s for comparison

Third pic… diameter shot (once again the first and last yoyo is an 888x for comparison)

Last pic… if it helps lol

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Identerifying yoyos isn’t my area of expertise, but I’ll shoot this link over to Ratfacedudeguy, he’s an 888 freak.


I’d say they’re both '07s, I might be wrong though.

The grey has a thicker IRG ring than the blue one, so I don’t think they are the same year, really. :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to say because the '07 and '08s are almost identical in dimension and shape. I think I’d need to see more up close of both side by side to be more certain, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the aqua is an '07 and the grey is an '08. PM me more pics for a more definite answer.

Blue is 07 Grey is 08

The Grey’s width is just a hair smaller than the blue’s btw. Maybe a millimeter off. If that helps.

u said that the gray had a thicker irg? then i would think it would be a 07 888w

no, that has a satined inner wall.

is that w a typo? because i heard someone mention an 888w before, and i really want to know what it actually is, because i never saw one in any yoyo store before…

check YYN the discontinued yoyo section


ive never seen a 888w with a satined inner wall maybe the one youve seen did but im 97.3% sure thats a 888w

No, that’s definitely not an 888w. The highwall on the 888w is much harsher and for the most part looks like an '09 888. And yes the 888w’s do have what appears to be a satin finish in the highwall area.

What I went off of was the dimensions themselves. In the above mentioned discontinued products page on another site, it says that the '08 888s are just a fraction of a millimeter smaller in width than the '07s which is actually entirely what I based my decision off of.