Yyf 888 year it was made

(Scotty P) #1

How do I know witch year my 888 came out m

(Mash Mastar) #2

Photo problems too! It does not show your photo. Sometimes YYF puts the batch number on the yoyo or even it’s own ID number.


There’s a yoyofactory site that lists all the 888’s and the year.https://sites.google.com/site/benjaminmcphee/eight8eight The 888 is one of my favorites.


Here’s another. Hope these help.http://yoyo.wikia.com/wiki/YoYoFactory_eight8eight


If you can get a pic to show we can probably figure it out.

(Scotty P) #6


Looks like an Aussie 07’ 888. Nice yoyo. :slight_smile:

(Scotty P) #8

I got it off the bst for 40 busk he said he vibes and had scuffs on it turns out the scuffs was silicon whoever tried to silicone the response Burner did a bad job and it leaked all over the yo-yo and I guess they just assumed it was a raised a scratch or something and it had an axle innit the was too long after a little work it’s dead smooth not a scuff on it so happy is the 07 one rare how much is a perfect Condition one worth?


A couple months ago yoyofactory sold a few B grades of that yoyo direct. I think the one you have is one of them.



Hey, lol… you and I must be from the same Village😉