Which hybrid yoyo do you recommend?

I´m trying to choose between the Digamma Crash and the larger version of the iceberg. I have the iceberg classic but has some vibe (it was a b-grade) and I think I would like something larger. Any other recommendations? Thanks.

I’ve not tried the Digamma crash. But the Iceberg (new) is a very safe choice.

If you enjoy doing anything with fingerspins I’d go with the iceberg. It’s the longest fingerspinning yoyo I’ve tried. But if not then just get whichever one you like best. C3 make great yoyos from what I understand and so does iYoyo so either is a good bet.


You already have the iceberg all be it the classic…
I cant speak about about the iceberg but i have the Digamma crash and its really really good. Get it, you wont be disappointed, I gurantee it!

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Somehow i completely read over the part where he already has an iceberg.

Then yeah, get the digamma. The new iceberg is just a wider version basically.

Thank you Sir. I love iYoYo products, buy I´m thinking of trying something new this time. I don´t have any C3. The metal rings in the digamma crash have a smooth treatment to avoid losing power when your hand touches the yoyo - this is a small problem I have with the classic iceberg. Besides, the Digamma Crash has a version that glows in the dark (not the usual green, blue glow), this may be nice when playing at night time.


Thnak you for your opinion. Regards.

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I have had both and enjoying the digamma crash more. It felt like a more well rounded yoyo to me, but both are fantastic. If you are wanting wider definitely go for the new iceberg. With the thicker rims on the digamma crash though it is nicer on the catch. Cannot go wrong with either of these choices though.