Which hubstack yoyo

888x,DNA,Hubstack Genisis, or G5

what kind of yoyo do you like?

small or large?

light or heavy?


if you you want a yoyo for hubstacks, but get some rice rocket spike stacks, you can put them on the hub and they act like matador spike without adding weight to the yoyo

here they are http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=17090&cat=0&page=1

i like small yoyos and light

hmm well all those hubstacked yoyos are like 69-70 grams except the dna which is 64.8 but the dna isnt technically small

888x- small but heavy

dna-big but light

get a 888 and some ricerocket stacks, small, light and still acts like hubstacks

thnx everyone for helping me out. Im going with the 888

Good choice! That is definetly my fav. yoyo.