which highlight with blue yoyo?

this may sound weird but i wanna buy a highlight(trying it out) but im not sure which color would go with my blue velocity (blue overall with neon green on the sides)

Screaming Green Highlights. :stuck_out_tongue: If they are in stock. If not, Yell-O or Orange.

Also, you just made a post about strings. I would suggest you have modified that one instead of making a new post. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i don’t really think about things ;D

Look at the floor where you yoyo the most. Pick a color opposite to that, AKA White Floor = Black String or Blue, Brown = Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink, etc. If you can’t see the string when playing, it doesn’t matter if your string matches your yoyo.

neh i just wanna buy string for to match my yoyo since i pretty muck play anywhere

Good choices. I would have suggested those.