Need Advice about Strings

I have decided to make my first big purchase and I won’t be doing another one for a very long while. I intend to buy a Dark Magic II yo-yo and a bundle of 100 strings. But there are several things I’m unsure about.

I am considering highlight strings. Since I adore the colour green that’s the kind I’d like to take. But this is the first time I buy them highlighted as well as such a large amount of string…

So what’s mainly on my mind - Will having a green yo-yo and green highlight string be bad/less visible in any way? And is it a good idea to get a huge amount of highlight strings on my first purchase (I never tried them)?

Highlight colored string you mean? The only reason why people use string with a highlight color is the high contrast between the yoyo and the string. I think you should get different colored string than your yoyo just so if you intend to compete that you get maximum amounts of points. In any case I think you should try to find string that is comfortable to you and whatever color you like. It’s more of a comfort based thing and preference for what string you want. You’ll need to experiment to understand the difference and what you like.

In my opinion get whatever you want but get complimentary colors for whatever color you get with a high contrast to the yoyo. :smiley: I personally don’t have a preference for colors of strings. As for the amount of strings you should buy like I said you should try to sample different strings to find your preference.

I hope that this helps and isn’t confusing.

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i haven’t had any experience with highlights. But some fat kitty string would be the best choice to me. It’s the most popular you know!