String Colors

So i know that the colors everyone hates/loves on highlights, how about these yye polys? i have white and green and i like the green more but i still love the white strings for a close second but i play the green strings more and thus need more, alas they are out of stock and i need strings soon, any suggestions for similar string here? like are the pinks about the same tension and thickness of greens? stuff like that.

Well I don’t really see any difference between the YYE Strings. Just the colors.

Some people think they are different but I think it’s just a coincidence.

Yellowis the Closer to the Green than any and is way brighter.

Well at least Purple is the inverted color of Green… Plus, Purple is really awesome.

So… yeah. Purple.

i use orange poly…i like yyn highlites and yye string but i dont see much of a difference if that helps

yes i use orange it is easy to see the string for suicides.

Not if your in an orange wall… LOL