highlights? D:

ok ive been needing some highlights i already have the yye yellow string buy i prefer highlights and theyve been out of stock for idk how long why???


They are the same string

They might have felt different to you because you had 2 different batches.

WE don’t sell highlights. They are from another store.

They may be made by the same manufacturer but each store has their own formula. Basically YYE poly isn’t wound as tight as highlights. I like YYE much better and I have both.

Wait… so Highlights = Tighter poly then?



Yoyoplay string=just plain out sucks, I got a package and one of the strings was broken…The rest were extremely short…

YYE= similar to highlights, just a little thicker.

All IMO, of course.


hey it my preferance all i said will there be any

Ask on the YYN forums, we don’t stock highlights…

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Alchemy, Buddy Jim’s Truck Driving Girls, and YYE Poly = Holy Gawd Ah-maze-ing :smiley:

Probably varies from lot to lot. I find that with the slick 6 and slick 8 that I use.