what color sting looks best on aan orange yoyo to you?

im kinda bored and thought i would ask this… Im going to get an orange yoyo, and im wondering, what color string would look good with it? orange, green, green and black,green purple and black, white, red, blue, black red and white… WHAT! lol but what do you think? thanks guys ;D

White all the way

white or blue


If you look at a color wheel Red and Yellow are complimentary colors and Blue is the contrasting color. On my Dark Magic 2 Toxic Frog editions I either rock a Blue or an Orange string.

Blue, white, or neon yellow.

Purple and red in second place.

Actually orange is the only color that any string looks good on to me :slight_smile:

Neon green for sure.

my preferences:

yoyo color: string color
orange yellow/orange

yellow/gold yellow/white

green green/yellow/blue

red red/orange/yellow/(some like green)

blue green/blue

purple pink/purple/orange

black or white white/blue/orange/green/black

Green or white

I use light Blue YYSL Type X with my (mostly) Orange AL5. I like the look.

Check this out:

now for a REAL orange yoyo XD

oh crap the light made the yoyo look more yellow…
it’s actually reaaaaally firery orange XD

green/black mix

Well lime green pops with anything, or standard fluorescent yellow always looks good.

Ignore what everyone else says. Here’s your answer right here:

Whatever you want.

You’re welcome.

I’ll send a bill later.