String to match my new green benchmark "O"

Alright, one of the things I like most about yoyos is the asthetics and the different choices I have when I want to buy something yoyo related. I have my mind set on the new OD Benchmark “O” and I have decided I want the green one as I don’t own a single green yoyo. I want to find a string that would go with this yoyo quite well in terms of color. I could always whip out my neon yellow kitty and that would look fine but I like to be fancy. So what color string should I get? Is there a specific mix of colors (YYSL has some nice mixes for example).

Kitty string on black would look nice. I’m pretty sure it comes w/ black Se’s as well so it would match. A pink would also look nice.

YYSL Butane flame either ammo or venom ;D Both play great.

Anything Orange would look great, especially a Black/Orange Mix :slight_smile:

White always works.

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I’m a neon green, neon yellow kind of guy.

Me too. I don’t care what color the yoyo is. I want a bright and easy to see string.

When I get my blue V, Red O and Green H, it’s YYSL Type X Neon Yellow.

i bought some butane flame venom with my last YYE order but I can’t use it until Christmas as it’s one if my presents. It does look very neat though

I’m attempting to go Green O, Red V, and Blue H to match the original pictures we were shown. I’m using Kitty Neon green, then after Xmas Kitty Neon Yellow, or both!

I think I know why it’s hard to find a string for this

Green is not a creative color