Which do you prefer for each category? Looking for opinions

Hello all, I would like to first say that we can all agree the question, “what is the best 1a yoyo?” is one that is highly debated. So I figure the problem is there is no one best yoyo. But also there isn’t enough questions/categories. I’m looking for opinions from all skill ranges. Go

Best all-around:

Best feeling/playing:

Favorite(even if it isn’t the best feeling/playing):

Best for beginners:

Best mini:

Best bimetal:

Best plastic:

Feel free to suggest more categories!


My opinions:

Best all around:

Best feeling:


Best for beginners:
Shooting star

Best Bimetal:
Nobunaga or Draupnir
Possibly the Kenshin Kiwami, but I’ve been enjoying my Nobubaga more lately

Best Plastic:
Shooting Star

Best Budget Monometal:


Best all-around: One Drop VTWO

Best feeling/playing: One Drop VTWO

Favorite(even if it isn’t the best feeling/playing): One Drop VTWO

Best for beginners: Recess First Base

Best mini: no opinion

Best bimetal: YoyoFriends Hummingbird

Best plastic: YoyoFriends Dove


I only own 15 yoyos, so I’m not going to pick one in each category.

Best feeling/playing: Honey Badger

Best bimetal: Grasshopper GTX

New category
Best esthetics (coolest look): Silhouette


Modified the categories just a bit:

Best all-around (non-organic): YYF Butter (Bi-metal) or OD Free Solo (Monometal)
Best all-around (organic): tie between MCMO and Grail/B7
Best performing yoyo: YoYoFriends Peregrine
Best feeling, not necessarily performing: OD Panorama or Grail/B7
Best for beginners: Recess First Base
Best plastic: Recess First Base (Also the best value IMO)


Best all-around: Grasshopper GTX (I don’t do horizontal or speed combos otherwise maybe Peregrine)

Best feeling/playing: Arcade

Favorite(even if it isn’t the best feeling/playing): P40 Warhawk

Best for beginners: Recess First Base

Best mini: OPO Sprite

Best bimetal: Grasshopper GTX

Best plastic: Speedaholic XX

Best mono metal: Golden Hour Ridgline


Best all-around: Japan Technology Shaqshine

Best feeling: Japan Technology Arrows

Favorite: Reykjavik Freyja

Best for beginners: C3 Speedaholic XX (Shooting Star is probably just as good, I just haven’t played one)

Best bimetal: Japan Technology Shaqshine or Reykjavik Mjolnir

Best plastic: Japan Technology Origin (Newer 2017 model)

Best budget monometal: C3yoyodesign Krown

Coolest: Mod44 (Other modular stuff like the Core Co Standard and Lathed Back Bangarang can have this title too)

I think it’s pretty interesting to see the brand preferences people have. I think mine should be fairly obvious lol.


Best all-around: Opyoyos Spright

Best feeling/playing: Opyoyos Spright

Favourite: Opyoyos Spright

Best for beginners: Recess First Base

Best mini: General Yo Ministar 2

Best bimetal: Opyoyos Spright

Best plastic: iYoYo Shooting Star


Best all-around: Brass Wisteria

Best feeling/playing: Duality

Favorite(even if it isn’t the best feeling/playing): G2 Banshee SS Brass

Best for beginners: Recess First Base

Best mini: Fallen Angel

Best bimetal: G2 Banshee SS Brass

Best plastic: Speedaholic XX

This was a lot harder to answer than I thought it’d be. I went back and forth on a lot of these.


Best way to know is try many, if you can own a few, you will know.
I prefer less rim weight now, competition specs are not important to me, and neither is fast play.

Also, depends on your mood that day, or what tricks.


From what I have and thrown:

Best all around- The Don
Best feeling playing- free solo mono or i think the yyf flame bimetal is really good
Favorite- Gravity or Par Avion
Best for beginners- the sage or shutter
Best mini- Fallen angel (bimetal organic D bearing!)
Best bimetal- grasshopper gtx
Best plastic- the rally (any of the bimaterial are good)

Its really difficult to choose the best in any category


Best feeling/playing: Clyw Kodiak (my hands down favorite throw, please release the mono metal version already), TP Mustang

Favorite(even if it isn’t the best feeling/playing): Terrarian/Gravity/Panorama (this was super hard to narrow down but these are my happy chill throws)

Best for beginners: Topyo Silenus (great intro to awesome splashes and a fun shape that isn’t the generic yo-yo shape people would typically think of if they are not in the hobby)

Best mini:Zipline strings Ist (round boi that performs like a big boi)

Best bimetal: Clyw Kodiak (note I’m not big into bimetals)

Best plastic: Clyw Yeti

This took a ton of thought for me. Glad someone made this discussion.


Also favorite is often the one that just arrived.


You aren’t wrong lol I just got the mustang but the kodiak has stayed consistent over a year so that throw is onto something, for me at least.


These opinions are based solely on my relatively limited collection and experience.

Favorite: One Drop Top Deck

Best for a sesh: GWAY Daredevil

Best all-around: Yoyofriends Sync

Best feeling: Recess Komodo

Best performing: Rebellion Invaders Must Die

Best for beginners: Duncan Butterfly XT

Best plastic: Recess First Base


Hm, this will be tough, and my opinion atm ephemeral, but ill play.

Best all-around: Luftverk Acadia. Simply put, my best performing yoyo. Does all the tricks I know in the most forgiving way. It can’t do fingerspins, but neither can I (yet, since I havent practiced them).

Best feeling/playing: Impossible to answer without a top 10 (or more). I can’t answer with Daytripper/ Ti-Sunbird/ MCMO/ Ti-Vayder/ Gravity/ Loop 720/ KNack/ etc. This is why I own ‘several’ yoyos, lol

Favorite(even if it isn’t the best feeling/playing): General-yo 5 Star. Just love the the slightly undersized fun this yoyo is to play. The Hatrick might take the throne after finally getting one though.

Best for beginners: I agree with consensus on this one, Recess First Base. An honest and well playing responsive yoyo is great for any beginner. Wait until you have basics down before going unresponsive, and the First Base is probably the easiest responsive yoyo ive ever played that can bridge the gap.

Best mini: I like my Sengoku Masamini v2 for the novelty, but honestly this category probably doesn’t have a good “best”.

Best bimetal: Yoyofriends - Peregrine. Just edges out the Batsquatch imo because it is a full performance package that seems to fully utilize bi-metal design to get that extra performance out of it. Im more of a monometal guy, but this yoyo slays.

Best plastic: Loop 720. Imo plastic is ideal for looping yoyos, and this is my favorite. Plastic unresponsives are meant to be beat or given to kids to learn. This yoyo otoh is not (the brat can pry it from my cold dead fingers if he wants it).

Additional categories:

Best Fixed Axle: Spinworthy KNack. My go to for performance and feel, not to say I don’t like the rest. I prefer the Beech version for 0A.

Best Organic: All


Oh lord…


Best all around- RCS Deluge

Best feeling/playing- YYF Uppercut

Favorite- RCS Deluge (it was my YYP Code, but then it fell out of my pocket while I was biking, and now vibes like a washing machine.)

Best mini- YYF California

Best bimetal- RCS Deluge

Beat for beginners- butterfly xt

Best Plastic- Recess first base


I prefer Magnesium. There you go.
Ti is ok. I mean it’s better than aluminum, however Magnesium is where it’s at. Thank you for your support.


Im not biased, best shape.