Which Company Would you recommend? Quality, price, andonizing etc


Sorry for the delay. It’s definitely an Aviator 2, in Alien Galaxy colorway. That color has appeared on the Aviator, Shutter and CzechPoint. I look forward to seeing it again, it’s awesome. :wink:


G squared should be up there. Theyre my pf but One drop makes the magic happen at half the price and for so many others so they get my vote.

(Smith) #23

One Drop their throws are always on point and at an affordable price point. Definitely who I would recommend

(InvaderDust) #24

CLYW Lost in Space Orca is one of the prettiest yoyos ive ever seen.


YoYoFactory wins for me! Just look at TotalArtist’s post for a reason why.


Got my first onedrop last week. Benchmark W, love it. Also, MFD for their string. I haven’t tried one of their yoyos though.


Yoyo recreation out of the ones that are mentioned.

Otherwise, sturm panzer. No yoyo I’ve tried beats the schneider mk2


The gsquared stuff is the best for me they are super comfy and super smooth they are womcerfull

(InvaderDust) #29

Lost in Space - Orca - CLYW


Always smooth, always! …and the artwork is incredible


Personally, I like One Drop, General-Yo, G-Squared, and one or two others. Amplified’s Shout comes in some great colorways (Gaslamp Fantasy, in particular), but I haven’t ever played one.


Aviator II (USA-made), Alien Galaxy colorway. I have a golden galaxy one and the color on it is stunning.

(rizkiyoist) #33



YoYojam is out of business…


Maaaaaaan that’s a pretty Dogma. I wish mine was that colorway. DUDE you take some Awesome product shots. I follow your Instagram (I’m chrisrdi) and I really enjoy seeing your posts man.

(rizkiyoist) #36