Which color rally should I get?

Hey everyone! Now that the next rally run will be white with black rims, I was wondering if I should get that
Colorway or clear with polished rims?
Post your opinions on what you think will look nicer.

You have to get whatever you think looks best. It should be completly based you your opinion since you are the one who will own it.

That is exactly right

Just because my favorite color is green doesn’t mean that it’s your favorite color. Just because I like white with black rims doesn’t mean that’s what you like.

Your the one buying the yoyo so you get to pick the color

Nobody will notice it, but in my opinion I like the clear with black rims quite a bit more.

That’s the color i’m gonna get :wink:

Also… As stated above get whatever color floats your boat… I mean you are the one that’s gonna have to look at it everyday.

personally i love the clear. I have a red with black rings though just cause thats what was given to me and that looks great too.

I don’t know why I’m always so confused as to why people ask strangers on the internet what yoyo/yoyo color they should purchase since people also ask strangers on the internet really odd personal and medical questions that only family members or medical professionals are qualified to answer, but alas, it still perplexes me.

OP, all other variable equal, my suggestion would be to buy the one that you find most visually appealing.

I always like white yo-yos, but not with black rings for some reason.