Which CLYW and what string?

I’m looking to get a CLYW tommorw and I like yoyos that are fast lighter weight long spin times smooth, rim weight good feel in hand and right now I’m looking at Glacier Express, Chief and Arctic Circle just tell me wich one you would reccomend and why.

Also I’m looking for a string that fits this description: Whips like Toxic Dragons Soft feel like yellow Jackets not slick.

Get the arctic circle. I am NOT experienced in the string area, so unfortunately I cannot give you a recommendation on string.

I don’t know about magic string that is whippy AND soft, but the Chief is your best bet.

Artic circle fits your preferences and the great whites from toxic I think have that exact description

Actually, I found the AC a bit heavier than the GE
They play very similar but the GE is faster and lighter.

As for string like that
I’d suggest BigYoyo Loose Slix
It’s exactly that. Soft like Bg1s whips like most toxic but is not as overwhelmingly fast
And isn’t slick to the point it feels like plastic.

Get the AC and also toxic strings just came out with a Yellow Jacket/Dragon string. The GR34T WH1T3S