Arctic circle or avalanche? Also a question about strings.

Hey guys, I am considering getting a clyw (no nice plastic after all lol). It is down to the avalanche and the arctic circle. I love both my chief and my first version avalanche, and in general I like fast, powerful throws (avalanche s a good example if that is a bad description). Keep in mind that I also want something a tiny bit unique, so if the avalanche is the same as the old version, please say so. Finally, I was wondering, are toxic strings great whites good? I like standard kitty string. How many strings come in a pack? Do they past a long time? Thanks!

id say if you want something smaller and more solid and stable go for the AC

the comeback is just a tad different from the old ava.
smoother and a tad less round.

and strings? if you like kitty strings, honestly id say dont get toxics. they feel plasticy and not really, soft like you think.
they sometimes hurt to bind too due to that plasticness.

id recommend sticking with kitties, or try fat kitties.
theyre pretty much close to identical
but the fat ones bind a tad tighter and whip better due to a bit extra mass

I’d go with the AC. It’s my personal favorite yoyo and is just a little better than my Avalanche, IMO. Though, it is all about preference. Both are amazing, competition yoyos.

For string, I’d also recommend Fat Kitty. It’s just a little thicker and softer than normal Kitty.

Thanks guys, ac it is! Any special bearing, or is that preference based too?

Bearing is pretty much preference based as well. The AC should come stock with a Centre Trac bearing which is probably my favourite.


if you want it to play a bit heavier go KK
if you want it to be a bit less solid go flat/10ball
if you want super long spin with the compromise of a little smoothness CT
if you want it faster and spin longer, go Trifecta

Just my little thing haha, it doesnt affect play all that much mind you, just a tad bit