Toxic like string??????

So I dont know if YYE will be getting any more toxic string. Im lookimg for a string that plays like the standard toxic string. I lobe this string its great for whips and slacks. Any help would be grwat thamks you.


Toxic is so unique, good luck finding another like the normals. There are other sites you can buy toxics at, message me for them if you can’t find them.

Big Yoyo String Panthers. Twisted has something similar, too, but I can’t remember the name. I have some Quick 13 t13x that are similar. Indeed, I’ve played a lot of strings that rely heavily on trilobal thread. I really don’t like that kind of string, but I can see how it holds appeal for certain styles!

Also BYYS Cyber silk. Its like a thinner Dragon string.

That stuff is one of the whippiest craziest strings ever. Not only thinner than Dragon, but much softer.

And panther is probably my go to whipping string.
Too fast ain’t me haha