String Recommendation

Can anyone suggest a comparable alternative to Toxic Strings Base (their standard string)? It is my favorite string and I’m running low, and unfortunately it’s out of stock. Just looking for something with a similar feel and play–many thanks!

Never tried those, but I’ve been using Kitty Strings and they are great.

I know a lot of people who use Kitty and Blueprints strings. They seem to be pretty good.

Thanks! Yeah, I have and use both (as well as buddha and a few others). I think they are great, but I like the slippery feel of Toxic.

Thanks, man. I agree they are great, but looking for something with feel more along the lines of Toxic Base, which has a slicker feel.

Judging by what’s currently in stock on YYE, I think YYSL Venom is your best option:

Granted, it isn’t as slick and coarse as the Toxic (but then let’s face it, what is?), but it’s still much slicker than regular strings such as Blueprint and Kitty. Think of it as a sort of mid-way between Kitty and Toxic… the ‘best of both worlds’ if you will…

It’s a really good string, and it should be slicky and whippy enough for your needs. Also, it’s in stock unlike a heck of a lot of the other strings, so I’d say it’s worth a shot. :slight_smile:

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You can also try YYSL Type X. Silky smooth, but on the thinner side.

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Thanks Gambit and theappe! I’ll definitely give those a shot.

Gambit has the right idea. Most of the other recommendations thus far are just for “good strings” rather than “strings similar to Toxic Base”, which will get you something not what you want. :wink: Gambit’s recommendation is the middle ground between the Base and regular poly.

One of the best ‘similar’ strings I’ve tried was a set of prototypes made by YYE forum member Gym Kirk. I’m not sure he’s selling them to the public yet, though.

Epic Strings Lightning Bolts are in the same category, but they’re thinner than Base. Which to me is a benefit but to some people may be a drawback. Depends on your yoyos and your taste. Epic Strings are among the more expensive small manufacturer strings, but the quality is good.

In Toxic’s own line, they’re pushing out some more Dragon. As long as you are OK with white string, Dragons will also fit the bill nicely.

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Thanks, Greg!

Looks like I have a number of options to try.