Toxic Strings?

I want to try some higher-end strings, and I’ve decided that one will be YYSL Type X. I also want to try something from Toxic, because I’ve heard good things about them. The problem is, they have such a big selection of strings, I don’t know which (or which ones) to try! Which do you like?

Bigyoyostring for sure!


My top three favorites from Toxic String:

  1. Toxic Snakes
  2. Thin Metz
  3. BG1 Yellow Jackets

Most companies offer a “sampler pack” that has an assortment, Toxic included. The best thing you can do is order one of those when they are in stock and try them all for yourself. While I can give you the merits of each of the three I listed above the simple truth is that your tastes and mine vary.

Here is a link to the Toxic Sample Pack that YYE sells.

Here is the link to the Toxic Facebook Page so you can pester Evan about when he will have Sample Pack stock ready for his site and YYE. :slight_smile:

I like the snakes but thats all ive tried…

I would check out the regular kind. But if you are looking for good strings, check out JakeElliots yoyo strings.
My favorite string of all time. GrandRapidsYoYoString.

Speed : GR3AT WHITES or Thin Metz
Softness : Thick Metz
Slack : Snakes and Dragons
General : BG1s
Colorful : Atomic wonder
Best over all : Zype string (Zammys string) COMING SOON! :smiley:
Not sure? Try a sampler pack! :slight_smile:
These are my opinions. Hope that helps!
- Mughees Faiz Toxic Team Member

I like BG1’s and Snakes; they play most similar to “standard poly” yet have their own thing going on. Thing I don’t like about them is I feel they get kinda fuzzy and wear out quickly-ish.

On the opposite end are Toxic “normals” (I think that’s what they’re called) and Dragon. These are very slick (I need a special slipknot to use them), have a TOTALLY different feel from standard poly (another reason you should try them… experimenting means trying different things!), and are some crazy kind of durable.

Good luck wearing them out before you just want to change them for the sake of changing them. Not saying it can’t be done; just saying that I’m whipping around a yoyo with a Dragon in it for a couple weeks and then I think, “I wonder how this yoyo would play with some Type X?” and change it.

So yeah. I say try Dragon or Normal. I don’t know from Great Whites, though… interested in trying those ones out.

Thanks for all the help! I think I’ll try the Snakes, the normal ones, and YYSL Type X.

I love toxic Dragons they play great and last FOREVER! Cant go wrong with BYYS tYPE 1 & 3.Also Zen Strings play great… (coming soon)

Toxic strings are one of the best strings besides kitty string, but sadly i only tried the regular toxic strings but I would like to try great whi3ts or bg-1 only if they sold them in bulk packs.

I enjoy playing a few of the different types of Toxic.

Normals and Dragons: slick and durable. Dragons are a touch silkier.

BG1 and Snakes: more like the poly you’re used to, but different… a touch thicker and hold tension really well. Allegedly the BG1s even more than the Snakes, but to be honest I think they’re both dandy in that regard. They both also wear out at a regular poly string rate.

I’d probably use a combination of BG1 and Snakes fairly regularly if they came in bulk. Instead, I’m still defaulting to Fat Kitty as my “bulk” string of choice.