What string should I get for my new supernova


this is not an easy question for people to answer for you… there are soooo many good options, you will have to discover it yourself… but I can point you in the direction of some popular options…

YYE string, 100 count packs are the best bang for your buck, get Poly tho…
Kitty string
Gator Floss
make your own… lots of threads that discuss this, as well as video tutorials, and is one of my favorite options…

just snoop around a little bit, youll find what you like :slight_smile:

Toxic Strings are the way to go!

Yoyo G String also makes some strings with pretty cool colors

Have to agree! I love my Toxic Strings.

just got in some string lab type x so looking forward to trying that.

I’m not too big of a fan of toxic. People like them but they are not for me except there new Metz strings that are coming out. I got a sample and they are very diffrent then their other strings. My favorites are string lab type x and yoyo Gstrings.