Best string


I know that there is no such thing as “best” string cuz we all have different opinions and stuff. But I was wondering what string is the best for it’s price. I want to get some and I was wondering about toxic string or expert string. Also what’s the difference between expert string and yoyoexpert string?


Okay yoyoexpert string is a cheap mass produced polyester nothing special. expert string is incredibly silky and very bright fun colors. toxic strings hold tension great slack and whip amazingly. i recommend getting toxic strings


Toxic strings are very different from type to type, so you can’t really just say “Get Toxic”. I’ve tried the basic Toxic Yo-Yo String and also the Metz Strings. Two strings almost couldn’t be more different except that they’re both on the thick side.

I’ve tried every kind of strings I can get my hands on, and I hate to say it but you had it correct out of the gate: there is no best. I got some nice handmade Rainbow Strings from modman10 that work perfectly with my Token, and I’m enjoying the Metz strings in my Avant Garde. Chaser? Toxic originals. In my DNS, I have my last “prototype” string from GRYC that closely resembles their Powercords string.

I dunno, mang. They’re all different and they all suit different yoyos and (more importantly) different styles.

Pretty hard to screw up buying straight-up Kitty strings, though, if you just want to know a good, reliable standard string that you can buy in large quantities. :wink:


Is it convinient to buy in large quantitys like buy the 100 pack? Or are they just sitting there?


I personally would never buy more than a 50-pack at a time. I like trying out different kinds of string, though. If you try a particular brand of bulk string and you like it, having a large quantity means you can change the string more often without feeling like you’re burning through precious resources. :wink:

I’ve been buying 10-packs (in some cases, 5-packs!) just to try a bunch of different strings, and I still have many that are “just sitting there”, so my personal approach means that those quantities don’t make sense for me. But I think they make sense for the majority of people.