Anyone using yoyoexpert bulk string as their main string?

I’ve been trying to find the cheapest options for yoyo accessories, and with the exception of bearings, budget string has been the difficult thing for me to find. I’ve been sticking with Sochi ever since kitty went up in price, but I’ve notice I’ve never used yoyoexpert store brand bulk string. I’m going to buy a pack to try for myself but has anyone been throwing it for awhile? If so, is it comparable to Sochi and OT? Or a clear step down? I’ve tried other store brand strings and they have been meh.

I bought some bulk white yye string on my previous order and I use it on most of my throws.

The main reason for me getting it was because I was running low on kitty string, so I thought I’d give it a shot plus I didn’t actually have any white string.

I wasn’t expecting a lot from it but I was pleased with how it felt. It doesn’t last as long as kitty and I also found it to be slightly thinner which makes it ideal for yoyos with narrower gaps.

Overall, I’m really happy with it.


It’s definitely worse and doesn’t last as long as any other popular string brands but you get what you pay for.

It gets the job done tho so if u just need string it’s not like unusable or anything. There was a period I was using it as my bulk string myself cuz string is string.

With that said what you save in price you lose in longevity so might just be worth it to stick with Sochi.

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Although initially more expensive, nylon or nylon blend strings seem to last incredibly long comparatively, so if you get along with the feel and like an easier whipping string, you might be better off value-wise and get the performance benefits as a bonus. Then again, there’s the joy of putting on a fresh string.:wink:


I got a sample pack of the yoyoexpert bulk of the teal color and also the blue/white/black and red/white/black twisted

I really like the twisted ones but they dont match all my yoyos lol. they last quite a while in my experience and theyre a narrower string and for the price you can just switch whenever you want really if you dont like when it becomes less stiff/can determine on your finger the twisted strands.

I had problems with the teal/ normal tbh that on my hummingbird and lunar eclipse it would be responsive if I really popped it up or doing some tricks like kobi it’d bite on me

→ that was before and after siliconed the hummingbird and stock OD pads for lunar.

I ended up also really liking the bulk pink string that c3yoyodesign has and thats actually what I use on almost all of my throws.
I tend to change them when they get rather felty which depending on the trick can be about the same as the twisted set I referred to earlier but sometimes faster but the bounciness I like too much to care for it being only like a few $ more for the 100 count.

(may change tune once this wolfeco string shows got some sampler of 50/50 and full nylon coming monday =D )