How do I pick out string????


They’re all just names to me…

All I know is that I hate that really thick kitty string


read through the descriptions here on yye.


If price is no object, pick ammo… Nuff said…


If thin is what you want than expert string is great ;D


Big Yoyo has a good amount of yoyo string to pick a kind


Try candwire, kitty norm or thin, toxic strings, g string, or yoyo string lab.


Well, what are you looking for in a string? Slick, soft, whippy, good at holding tension, etc.


I don’t know lol…

I wanna buy like 10 of each of like 7 colors. Do u sell string?


Get YYSL AMMO. Great all around string that comes in a cool color and container!


If you want to pick out a string, the first thing I’d recommend you do is buy a whole stash of strings in the smallest quantities you can. There are some great companies out there that will offer sampler packs, and so wherever possible get some of those. Once you have those, try them out, but don’t limit them to just one yoyo: play one string on a throw for a while and then change yoyo and see how the string plays on something else. Then come to a conclusion about what you prefer - don’t go on text reviews alone because a lot of things surrounding how a string plays are personal, and also sometimes how to express as prose.

When I first started, I felt exactly how the tone of this post sounded: I was thoroughly confused by what strings were out there and what they would ‘offer’. Now I have three strings that I’m prepared to buy that suit my playstyle, and I really won’t use anything else, and none of them are stock Kitty strings. That’s not to say that stock strings can’t get you where you need to be, it’s just my personal preference, and I’m bad enough that I need all the help I can get.

There are huge numbers of companies out there, so some you might like to try are:
Toxic Strings
Twisted Stringz
Quick Strings
Chaos strings
YYR strings
G Strings
Graou (hard to come by)
GeneralYo (hard to come by)

There are I’m sure more excellent companies, and please don’t be offended if I’ve missed you off this top-of-my-head list, it is just that and no better researched!

Most of these companies will do sample packs, particularly the smaller ones, and I have nothing but good things to say about the customer support of all of them.

If my opinion is worth anything, my preferences are TwistedStringz Kevlar, Quick Strings T13x and BigYoyo strings Panther.

Of course one thing about most of these is that they are more expensive than bulk poly or Kitty strings. It’s up to you! I would have never had an idea about half of these things if it were not for SniffyYo.


I reccomend jams string. for one, it’s cheaper than kitty. Second, it whips well. Third, it is INSANLY soft. It’s a good medium thickness string.

(YoYoStringLab) #12

If you are going to try YoYoStringLab (YYSL) then I would say, go with Type X. Some have suggested Ammo, but since you said you didn’t like Kitty’s thick string, Type X might be a better place to start. It’s a regular thickness string, and Ammo is thicker which some like for slacks, whips and trick binds, but might not be the favorite of the two for you.

If you want to try a range of strings, I would also suggest some Toxic regular for something different. It’s slick and whips like lightning.


Toxic has a sampler pack that you could get. I think big yoyo also had that option. I have also heard brilliant things about yoyogstring.


You can never go wrong with a bulk pack of polys buddy.


eeny, meeny, miny, yo
bulk poly is the way to go