String Recommendations

ello all!

So for the past few years i have pretty much stuck with Kitty string; standard, slim, 1.5, etc. Im looking to branch out a bit. Im want something that holds tension, good for whips, slacks, and stays feeling new for a bit. Has some weight to it but not a ridiculous amount. Any recommendations???

Thanks :smiley:


Kitty string is really good.

Now, you cant get SUPER good string for what you want, and people are going to mention it here, but its more expensive for a small amount.

I would try some Blueprint strings, 100 pack for 15.

Vs. some Toxics (their good!) 10 for 6 bucks or something.

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cool ill tryem out :slight_smile: thanks.

Which toxic strings btw?

REgular toxic strings and dragon strings are beast especially if you want something whippy

There is nothing better for whips than Dragon string. Though they have pretty bad string tension.

Metz is a good all around string.

I love Gr3at whites but those are thicker than normal. Perfect for wide gapped yoyos.

Anyone have opinions on Blueprint string?? Been wanting to try some.

Like everyone said, Dragon string is great for whips but isn’t soft at all. I like BG1’s too. Good for slack tricks, really soft, and last a while.

You should pick up a Toxic String Sampler pack and try all of those. It might seem a bit expensive, but trust me that those strings last a long time.

If you would like I could send you a free sample of my string.

Really good!!! But they take a while to break in…

I make strings, and the type UP make keeps slack, and tension fairly well, and on top of that is fairly soft and smooth. Message me if you are interested.

YYSL Ammo is an awesome string! Can hold tension for at least 5 throws!

How is the string tension and whip?

Sounds like Toxic Metz to me! You probably want the thin. They are much whippier than kitty but aren’t overly whippy. They are pretty soft as well. Fairly long lasting as well

BG1’s are REALLY good too. But talk to Modman10 if you want jackrabbits. They are top notch in quality and performance. Really soft, hold tension well, and extremely visible

Dude all I used were toxic strings up until the last few days. After I got my order from twisted stringz I fell in love with them. If you looking for whip and slack capability I would suggest type A and A1 these are the only two I have tried so far.