A good string


Hey guys I just wanna know what’s a good strong to use for 1a style play I’m into whips and slack tricks


Whips and slack tricks are my favorite kinds of tricks. I personally use Billy Bob’s String. Lasts WAY longer than kitty string. Excellent string with a long life, good stiffness for slacks and whips, and hold tension well.


Kitty is great for beginners and it is rather cheap I would go with that first and then you can experiment with some other strings like I personally like the YYSL AMMO it is awesome but again there are many good strings out there.


Well, I only know Kitty Strings so far. I found the fatter ones to provide a more obvious and stable slack, whip, and suicides. They also bind pretty tight. Look out for the increased snagging as you increase the string’s thickness.


I’ve been using dragon string lately, I think it handles everything pretty well. Kitty string is a good string as well. But in my opinion ammo wears out way to fast.


if you want some string that has incredible whips and slacks and lasts forever try Y3 strings. They are a newer company but the string is just amazing and last superrr long.

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Kitty Fat, or PM modman10 about his Jackrabbits.


Toxic is the best string. My favorites are rheir original, snakes, bg yellow jackets, and great whites. Dragons aren’t bad eithee. They have many different blends. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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That’s actually opinion :wink: But I love Toxic too, especially BG1’s


Check out YoYoyakuza’s Y3 Yoyo strings, I just got some, haven’t truly played with the poly’s yet, cuz im in love with his 50/50’s so far, haven’t played enough with them to give a detailed review for them yet. but these 50/50’s ARE FREAKING AMAZING! at whips and slacks, they are lil pricey but give them a try man. I assure you with the 50/50’s you cant go wrong.