Best string for whipping

Like it says, what is the best string for whipping and slack tricks??

Kitty fat

Toxics. Standard and dragons. Not much else is better. And I’ve thrown a lot of string


Kitty fat works fine, but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s the best. I don’t know what the best would be, but the kitty 1.5 nylon/poly is better than kitty fat for whips and slacks. #82 string is freakin amazing, the best I’ve tried so far for whips. It’s more expensive at $10 for 10 strings, but that’s because it’s 50% kevlar and might be the longest lasting string on the market.

BYYS Panther
Haven’t tried them, but i heard they whip so much, it can sometimes “hurt”

Cowboy whips. They even break the sound barrier. I’d assume they’re painful as well.

Toxic Dragons have crazy good whipping ability, super fast. As for slacks, I’d say they’re plenty good as well, but it’s more picky on tension to get nice, open loops compared to Kitty Fat or XL.

Kitty XL also has good whipping ability, but the thickness might deter people, as it does drain spin times faster than other thinner strings.

Dragons are my performance-focused string, XLs are my laid-back, throw for fun string.

when you say dragon, do you mean G-string: dragon tails??

Markmont Dragons by toxic, they’re out of stock here at YYE, I wish I weren’t dumb enough to take the 10 out of my cart when I had a chance to get them

What gijoey said, Toxic Markmont Dragons. They pop up in stock from time to time. I’m just glad they last so long, I bought 50 of them nearly 6 months ago and I’m not even halfway through them. Compared to the roughly 80+ Kitty I’ve gone through in that time.

What is your criteria for “good” whips and slacks?

To me, I like mine to be graceful and on the slower side. I don’t need the fastest whip possible and in fact it’s counter to how I like to play. It makes things like Hook and Brent Stole easier to have fast strings, but when the trick itself is a “showy, flowy slack”, it’s an impediment.

I prefer strings that are around the edges of “normal” (ie. Kitty, Kitty Fat, sOMEThING type-2, Slacklines) to something that’s dense and fast.

Kitty Nylon and Kitty Fat nylon will hold an open loop forever. it makes whips and slacks a breeze because you don’t have to worry about tension as much. It flows through the air and you can make them fast

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