I’m looking for a string that’s good for slacks and whips, but holds tension well. Any suggestions?

Kitty Fat poly

Wow I guess no one else has an opinion on string

If you need further suggestions I would change the topic name so that this thread actually gets noticed

Kitty Nylon 1.5
String Labs Venom
Toxic Dragons

3 very different strings that I think fit what you’re looking for. It’s hard to say which you will like (if any) but it’s always good to try a few different strings to find which you prefer.

What’s being asked for is just kinda broad. It’s what everyone wants… nobody ever says, “I want strings that twist up too easily and/or kind of suck at slacks.”

I do have opinions on strings, but usually they take the form of counter-recommendations rather than straignt-up recommendations.

For example, I would argue that Toxic Dragons are both too fast for good slack work and too difficult to manage in terms of string tension. It’s an incredibly fast and very durable string. Those are its strengths. If you use slacks and whips simply as a connective mechanism to move between mounts and formations, it is probably a decent fit. But if you want your audience to see the slack and understand that you’ve just done a neat slack element… they’re just too fast to be “showy” in that regard.

Nylon 1.5 are good. Kinda get a dodgy texture and lose the tension management war before too long… but while they’re fresh, they’re amazing.

Venom is really good overall. But it’s nothing particularly special for slacks and whips. They’re in the same ballpark as Kitty or other “normal” poly strings. They’re a bit looser-wound than some other strings, though, which presents an interesting feel.

My favourite string right now is sOMEThING type-2, which I understand will be available at YYE very soon! But in the meantime, you really have no need to look further than normal, fat, or 1.5 Kitty.

Great points regarding what typical players are universally looking for in string … great tension, and generous slack/whip-ability.
What are your thoughts on Toxic Base and Prime? (Compared to, sayn Kitty Fat and YYSL Venom?)

Prime is on the lighter side of things. It’s not a particularly substantial string, but it’s a good one in the “normal, thinnish Poly” category. Nothing amazing, but worth a try to see if you want it as your go-to bulk string!

Base is a lot like Dragon… Dragon has more “drape” and texture to it, while Base is stiffer and even more plasticky-feeling overall. Both are fast and last forever. I don’t get along all that well with Base, finding the high density and mediocre tension management to be off-putting for what I like in a string.

Toxic Dragons hold tension about as well as a newborn baby could hold a 50lb weight above its head.

But replace dragons with CLYW hybrid slackline and that list is exactly what I would’ve typed. However, the hybrid slackline is out of stock right now :’(

Slackline is a string I can stand behind! I think the kind I had wasn’t even the hybrid. It was the normal Poly. And it was still stiff enough for slacky work and had good tension management.

Normal poly is great stuff too! The only one I didn’t get was the yellow chubby since the orange hybrid and lime poly strings are thick enough and great strings

Greg, I’ve tried Toxic Base and YYSL Venom, and at my limited skill level I can still relate to what you’ve described.
I just got a bulk pack of Toxic Prime, and I’m just getting a sense of it … so far it seems like I still prefer Kitty Fat overall, but I was curious about how others found them relative to one another.
Slackline sounds like one I’d like to try!

I use Kitty Fat and never have any problems

Never had any tension problems with Dragons. They’re a fairly tightly wound string but you just adjust the tension as you play, like you would with any other string. Maybe I’m just not too picky.

See, that’s something I don’t know how to do without stopping and adjusting. Guess I’m a noob ;D

However, like I said in the review thread, when I try to do a regular non-responsive tension trick, if you try to get all of the tension out of it, you"ll wind up playing 4a with your Chief :o but when that string is Neutral, it is easily a top 3 string, it’s just that the string stays that way for maybe 5 minutes, then you need to adjust, if you are still learning and can’t adjust tension on the fly, like the cool kids :wink:

How are the YoyoStringLab Type 1 Type 2 and Type X?

I’ve use kitty normal polyester for ever. I love the way it play. Nylon string and fat/XL kitty works even better, I just prefer the maneuverability of normal kitty.

If you can tell me how to adjust it as I play that would be great, the Dragons would become my dream string. I’m in the same boat with gijoey in that I have to adjust the tension every 5 minutes or combos