Which bearing should I get?

I need a good size C unresponsive bearing. Right now I’m looking at Terrapin X Dryplay, YYF SPEC, YYJ SPEED, and Dif-e-yo KonKave and One Drop 10 ball (to be included in my Code 2 I’m ordering soon). Which should I get to put in my Code 2 later? Also, nothing ceramic because I’m on a budget of 5-10 dollars.

I would immediately eliminate the YYJ and YYF bearings. The other choices bring much more to the table than a flat 8-ball bearing. I would also stay away from the 10-ball (even though it is one of the best bearings on the market) just because the Code 2 comes with one.

That leaves The Terrapin and the KK. I LOVE any terrapin treated bearing, especially the Terrapin X’s because of the high quality, low maintenance (no lube OR cleaning), and the exceptional play. Plus, there is an awesome manufacturers guarantee.

Next is the KK, which is basically an 8-ball bearing with a concave in it. This bearing has positive and negative qualities, the positive mainly being string centering, yielding slightly longer spin times. There a host of negative reasons, but one must remember, for the most part, many of these have never been proven.

If you want, there is the Terrapin X Wing Cut: all the benefits of Terrapin treatment, along with a slight concave that posses the positives of a KK without many of the negatives. This may be out of your price range, but it is worth it.

All in all, I would take the Terrapin.

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Send me a message and buy direct.
Ten bucks shipped US

I’d get the terrapin

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