KonKave Vs. 10 ball Vs. Grooved Crucial Bearing?

I’m looking at buyin a new bearing or 2 but I really don’t know what to buy. I have heard/read MANY good things about the 10 ball but I like the konkave style. Please Help.

if you like kks, go with a kk. The crucial grooved bearing has the same shape as a kk, but with a groove the size of string to keep it dead centered.
OD 10 ball is just a smooth player. Also terrapin x bearings are quite nice. got one for my noctu and it’s just amazing.

Hmmm. I might get the Crucial and the 10 ball just to try both. I haven’t heard of the terrapin before where’d you get it?

it’s from ebay from the seller fjh123
he has a bunch of different terrapin x bearings, ranging from flat steel, to “wing cut” (sort of like kk, but much shallower of a concave) ceramics. His flat steel bearing is just 7.50 w/ free shipping, and a type 10 hamstring :slight_smile:
also if you spend I think $30, he send you a free bearingized CW.

you can just google terrapin x yoyo bearing and I’m sure it’ll show up.

I will have to check it out!

I’ve tried most bearings out there, and I have to say my favorite is absoloutely the general yo AIGR

Hmmm I saw that one I just don’t really see a difference between that and a stock bearing other than the metal its made of.

its so much smoother and more reliable than regular bearings. I had a 10 ball in my gnarwhal before I put in the AIGR, and i found it to be so much smoother

10 balls are a delight if you’re into flat bearings

usually I go, 1A -> flat, 5A -> KK

same here. If you play 1A I think you should go with flat, because the KK is snaggy sometime. I can recommend you 10-balls, AIGR, or Terrapin X, they are really great.

Like yo-yos, with bearings it is all about preference. Some peope hate centre tracks, while others love them. I have two of the same bearings (yyj speed) and one has ten balls the other has eight and the one with ten balls spins for a noticeably longer time and is smoother. In the end they both work, and you probably don’t need a new one unless your current one is rusted. There just bearings, save your cash for a yoyo.

yep, any well built bearing would do it’s more a matter of preference, but the way I see it, it’s a good thing to experience all kinds so you can really figure out which are good in any given situation therefore find the best ones for your favorite throws

The konkave and grooved bearings will play really different. Remember that since they keep the string centered for you, it can get to being a little bit of a crutch in place of proper string throws. Other than that, I’ve noticed that KKs and Grooves tend to wear a lot faster than normal bearings, but that may just be my bad luck.

Does a 10 Ball spin longer than a KK?

Absolutely, definitely, positively MAYBE.

There should be a 10 Ball KK, thanks btw… I think, haha

Same answer. I stand behind it 100%.

there are 10 balls KK, they’re just hard to come by