Bearing Help

I will be placing an order soon and would like to know what you guys think is the better bearing for my di base, a konkave or a center trac. Also which is best for a Raptor.

It’s really preference in my opinion the one. Drop 10 ball is the best bearing u can get


between just the Konkave and center trac, i think Konkave blows the doors of of CT. It just spins alot smooth, and doesn’t lock up as much in my expierences. I agree with 101396 though, the 10 Ball bearing is an awesome bearing that is IMO the best bearing.

Thanks I think I will take a look at the 10 ball.

Best is a matter of preference. I have the stock flat in my Dibase and it’s more than sufficient.

As I’ve recommended countless times to others, I recommend buying a small set of bearings to test with. Then when you find the right bearing for a yoyo, then buy a replacement bearing. I currently have a small stock of 10 balls, Terrapin X, KK’s, Crucial Groove and CBC CenterTracs, YYF’s, YYJ Speed Bearings and some other stuff.

I have a friend who prefers Crucual Grooved bearings. I mostly prefer flat bearings. I have a little bit of this, a little but of that, but mostly flats.

Try stuff out. Worse case is you go back to what you started with. That initial batch of bearings can get a bit costly, but over time it’s not that bad.

Thanks I have $110 to spend so I will prob use some of it on different types of bearings.