Which all metal should I get?


Should I get the n12 magic or the c3 token? I know the c3 is undersized but does it perform at the same level as the sharks honor?


N12 all the way

the yoyofficer kilter would be the other throw to consider


Yeah I was leaning more towards the n12 after some videos I saw of it’s play. I heard bad stuff about magic bearings and the bearing in my desperado isn’t great. Should I replace it with a center track? I’ll give it a view. Do you think it’s better than the n12?


For that price, get the YYO Kilter

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My N12’s bearing is the best I own. I have several CT’s, Whipples, CTX’s, Konkaves etc. The concave that came in my N12 beats then all.


I’ve been putting lots of hours in with the N12 and N8. The N12 is great for grinds and spins. I have a show tomorrow in Grants, New Mexico and plan to use the N12.


You got lucky then. MYYs bearings are very inconsistent

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Maybe. The ones that you get off Amazon or from a Chinese retailer can be suspect. I won mine. The ones sold in the USA come with Buddha Dimples and those are on par with CTs. It depends on where you buy them.


This might have to come down to simply what I can afford. Both the kilter and n12 seem to be excellent choices. I wish I would have known about them before I bought my protostar


The only other throw I’d consider would be the recrev neuae if you wanted something mroe undersized

I’m not a fan of the token in terms of feel and the neuae still feels like a rock on the string but it’s better in terms of play I think.

Might want to consider the BST as well since you can get some heavily discounted throws from there