MYY N12 vs. Duncan Strix


How do they compare? I heard that MYY response and bearings are hit and miss. Is that still a prevalent issue?


Yes, it is an issue. If it has a terrible bearing, it won’t spin long enough. And the Duncan strix has a kk stock bearing. I’d go with the strix. Plus I like the shape more.


couldn’t he just replace the bearing and use pads or silicone on the n12??? Also I heard that the n12 plays double it price tags so you get a good throw for less.


I buy MYY bearings to put in everything, Their 8 and 10 ball concaves(not konkaves) are as good as anything on the market. My CLYW has a MYY 10 ball, My OD has a MYY 10 ball. If I was replacing bearings, it wouldn’t be in my Magic yoyo.

Out of a dozen throws from Magic, I have only had one that came with a bad response. That was an n5 I got for $7. Get a MYY.


Yah, they do play really good, but I hear the strix does too… I dont like to spend much on bearings, and he asked If it’s an issue, to me, it is :slight_smile: btw, if you are getting a myy, go with the n12, not t5. I think n12 is better.


How does t5 play? What’s the difference?


I got both.


I’ll see how they play.