Magic Yoyo recommendations?

hey guys, I’m looking for a solid “outside the house” metal, and my attention has been drawn in by magic yoyo.

I’ve heard decent reviews of the k8 and somewhat decent reviews of the K9, but they have so many, I am having a hard time choosing. I’ve also seen some t8’s that look cool.

Personally, I find myself enjoying an H shaped yoyo (regen, and Caesar) and something around the 67ish gram mark, not too heavy and not too light. Full sized throws are also something I am aiming for. I guess rim weight is a plus if they produce a yoyo like that, I haven’t been able to do much research.

Thanks guys


nuff’ said

Ok, so that’s one vote for N12

I have no doubts it’s a cool throw, but I was fairly interested in an exaggerated H shape like my Regen. If the N12 is just the best thing they make, then the choice is obvious, but I’d like to hear from more than one person as well

K9 if you want a H shape.

N12 is a great playing yo-yo. I’ll have a couple of images popping up soon that may help in deciding a model. If you visit the G+ yo-yo forums there are a few links to videos with the products. Here is a Silencer video I worked on a few weeks ago

2015 Silencer currently limited availability

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K8 44 Clash Edition slightly larger than the K9
K9 T6 N8 and a proto

Side profiles of the last image…

Here are a few images of the Silencer with caps. I like playing it without the caps.

K8 images…


N12 on vacation… It was shark week… I hope these images help.

N12 is also good for finger spins.

REALLY cool replies 8)

How did you get your hands on the weight ring version of the silencer? That was my first choice, but I don’t know how to order directly from MYY’s website, and their official US retailers have little to no stock

Also pretty interested in the 44 Clash version of the K8, that engraving looks really cool on the purple one

Based on availability and the price, it’s a tie between the k8 and n12 realistically. K8 would win out if I could find the 44 clash version, but I haven’t been able to. ALSO can’t find the purple line, that one seems really cool also

The Purple Line would be a tough one to find.

The following has a 360 degree view of the Silencer

Ah, I literally just sent my pm reply ;D

well, I guess it’s between the k9, k8 and n12

Okay one last image. Coming in a few minutes… I hope this one helps between the three.

Okay here is the last image… The Silencer… The K9… The 44Clash K8… and the N12 Shark…

As someone who is in love my Regen and Caesar, I will say the N12 is also awesome, I take it with me all the time now. Granted I’m still new at this; but to me its a nice throw.