Which 2a throw

I was thinking about starting to learn 2a. Whats a good starting throw? I was thinking either the loop 1080 or 900 or the new macaron.

for price loop 808, unleashed.shinwoo l00p,proyos
difficulty modded raider
quality loop 1080,rec rev reverbs

idsk bout macaron never used it to start go to 5 bellow and get a pair of proyos or imperials or maybe bumblebees

Honestly, just get a pair. :slight_smile:

There are differences, yes, but those differences don’t really do much to my understanding. I like my YYJ Unleasheds, but they’re also the only ones I’ve tried.

Yeah I’m definaly getting a pair, I’m looking at the Rec revs (they seem a little over priced 20$ for one?!?) the lope 1080, and macarons. I’ll check out unleashed, it seems like most of it is coming down to looks. I think I also prefer the newer throws hah

Well the cheapest are the Angled ones

Is their a clear advantage to the other ones? I don’t really care much on price, but if they all play around the same what’s the point of paying more haha

I like my Duncan speed beetles there awesome! I swear they are the smoothest loopers ever and never go unresponsive.

I would say yyj unleashed, macaron slips a lot, not very good

It does slip? That’s extremely disappointing I liked the design a lot. Oh well I guess I go flip a coin for unleashed or loop 1080 haha

get loops 1080s then ,they adjust to your preference just be careful not to mess up the adjustment system and get thick lube they suck without it