First 2A Pair

I want to get into 2A a little bit, and I’d like to find a cheap pair to do so. So far the Macaron appeals the most to me, but the Loop 360 also looks like a good choice.

I haven’t herd good things about the macaron. If anything I would save up and get a set of unleashes or scope out the BST for a set or loop 1080’s, modded raiders, or Unleashes.

Loops are really nice I forgot how the macaroons play…

Get the Unleashed as a pair or a pair of Loop 1080’s. Seriously, they aren’t that expensive.

I’m not impressed with the Macaron. The Spiral Claw starburst variant you can really feel biting into the string.

$25 is a big difference to a university student with no income…


Raiders, hands down.

If you have a little less money to spend, Loop 360’s are just as good, maybe better.

Duncan Hornets are sick too

I would suggest going on the FB BST alot of people are letting 1080s and Unleased Pairs go for the price of one.

But, would spending $20 on a pair of ill-performing yoyos make good logical sense?

When I make recommendations, I look at a larger picture. Yes, my preferences do play a factor in those recommendations. Still, I found the Macarons to not be well constructed, a much higher than I would prefer “flaw” rate, they include a clean A-bearing that you gotta lube the heck out of AND you should consider double looping.

I mean, you could go for a pair of Loop 808’s or Loop 360’s for the money, which I feel are both superior to the Macaron. I personally don’t care for the feel of the response in the 360 and 808. Odd how I prefer a starburst response in loopers. However, that’s what I like.

I feel that in some cases, spending more is more logical and can save money in the long run. Yes, broke college student, I get it. But $20 wasted on something is $20 wasted. $40-50 spend on a better quality product, well, that’s gonna save you in the long run as you won’t need to replace anything.

Ultimately, it’s your money and your decision and YOU have to live with it. Choose wisely. Nobody here wants you to not be pleased with your decision, no matter what you choose.

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Thanks for all of the input. I’ve decided to go for a pair of Unleashed’s. Better than the 360, but a little less expensive than the 1080s. I don’t know if 2A will be for me, but I figure this will be a good way to try. Thanks everyone!

You chose some of the best available!

I hope you enjoy the pair of Unleashed you get. I feel it’s one of the best loopers out there.

Pick up some thick lube as well, you’ll need it.